Let’s Look at White

Ever find yourself painting over an area or finding it hard to preserve areas of white in your paintings? It’s common, I struggle to “preserve whites” all the time, it’s a method watercolourists should practice however!

Personally though, it’s probably too hard to preserve certain little things like “whiskers” and other smaller detailed lines in hair or maybe I just don’t get it (lol).

You may also find yourself accidentally going over your whites while painting (like me), not having good enough sketches or organisation or control of your washes will result in no left over whites (I’m but a novice, I know this too well). If you’ve tried lifting paint using magic erasers, watery brushes, cotton buds, but it still doesn’t work for you.. maybe try these techniques/methods. You may also just like the stylisation of these methods..


♣ Crayon Resist/Wax resist

♣ Masking Fluid

♣ Rubber Cement
Video Demo

♣ White Ink (Acrylic ink tends to be thicker than say Drawing ink)
Galaxy Cat by ThreeLeaves using white ink (just magical!)

♣ Alternative Paints
Acrylic paint over Watercolour

Gouache paint over Watercolour

Maria Raczynska’s Video Demo of white gouache in watercolour.. Maria is amazing.

I’ve also heard some people using -Poster White Paint

♣ Scratching out (technique)
This technique may be great for grass blades, edges of fur, but you MUST be patient, and it is an unforgivable technique. You scratch too much and you just cannot fix what you do.
Video Demo

All picture references including videos are not my own and I do not take any credit for them. I am only using them to help myself and readers  🙂

3 thoughts on “Let’s Look at White

  1. Again, I love your post! I’d like to share a couple more with you 🤗
    1. Aquacover Liquid watercolor paper, can be purchased for the specific paper you use. It will match perfectly in colour, but when painting over it, it can dissolve like gouache.
    2. Masking tape shaped to cover

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    1. I’m glad you are enjoying my posts! It’s been a bit lonely on my blog and I really haven’t wrote a new post in a while (but looking to definitely do so soon!)

      Thanks for adding a few more! Never heard of that Aquacover one. That really sounds interesting :O

      Of course masking tape! You get lovely borders doing this technique too 😉
      The only issue with masking tape is the possibility of ripping the paper which happens sometimes. I might try the technique of “heating the tape with a hair dryer” prior to lifting. It’s suppose to help release the tape more cleanly! Some people also just use painters tape, specific watercolour masking tape (expensive) and pretty sure I’ve seen people use washi-tape. I’ve personally used cheap electrical tape for a border a few times… I don’t recommend (but it did work hahaha)


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