It’s been sometime.

I just realized its been sometime since I last posted here. But believe me this isn’t the only social media that is suffering. My facebook page and my instagram has too, been quiet.

Sorry for my absence! My family has been quite sick, including myself. For all different reasons. I feel the end is near for this horrible escapade. So looking forward to that!⚡

On July 28, I also had a birthday. (weeeei!) I’m officially over half way through my twenties. 😨 lol

No art has surfaced in the past month or two. Though I have thought time and time again about it. I did do a little sketch last month even though I felt terribly sick and am surprised it turned out even though I was under the weather. I’ve called it ‘Little Chefs’ and is just one of many sketches I’d like to complete featuring children doing their own thing!

‘Little Chefs’

Hope August brings a bit more joy and creativity for all!! ⭐⭐


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