From Life: Drawing/Painting while out

I have often wondered what it is like to be someone who could travel with a palette and paint while out on the field i.e en plein air”. So I took a make-shift bag of supplies out with me on the family’s recent camping trip to see how I do.

I wasn’t sure what I would choose to paint but I kind of knew I was unlikely to paint a landscape (even though there were some beautiful scenics out the Wide Bay/Burnett region) but that just isn’t really my thing. So I chose to focus on sketching the kids.

It was hard to find the right time to sit down and do it as it rained most afternoons (infact it stormed the night I did paint!) and to be honest, plein airing the kids is super difficult as they don’t stop moving lol well luckily my eldest son went to sleep on his camper chair. Alas he still moved a bunch of times 😅

Painted from Life – My Son Seamus, 11/10/2018

I actually only got half of this painted while out that afternoon/night and painted the rest at home. I forgot to take a reference photo so I kind of had to make a lot of it up and try harmonise colour as best I could by only taking 3 colours plus white and burnt umber (no black) with me.

Overall the painting looks like my son Séamus and the fact I gave it a go – is what matters most to me!

Also I didn’t paint this onto watercolour paper like I should of. I took some with me but didn’t like the idea of sketching directly onto my cold press W/C paper so I ran into a country town newsagency for some thick white cardboard! LOL

I really should fight my fear with sketching/drawing directly onto watercolour papers..

Any one else struggle with this? Do you use a lightbox under an original drawing? transfer paper? tracing paper? Or maybe baking paper? or are you a Sketching-Warrior and go straight to watercolour paper with no hesitation? 😊 Let me know in the comments



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