Goals: Sketching in Colour Pencils

I’m currently working on a goal. We all set them, and likely forget them. But I want to really try (like, really try) sketching at least 1-2 times a week. If I can also shoot out a sketchy painting or an actual painting atleast every fortnight that would also be great. For now though I’m telling myself as long as I’m doing something even if it is just drawing then I’m doing better than I have in the past.

Sometimes we really need to set smaller goals. You will often achieve things faster this way then telling yourself to do what you desire most. Tell yourself you don’t have to create masterpieces or “artworks”. Tell yourself to have fun, sketch, doodle, play with colours, etc. And I take my own advice, this is what I’m going to do. Some of it or maybe most of it will likely not be very shareable but so far I’m proud of the two things I have done this week! Read on..

Sketching in Colour Pencils

You know, the set of colour pencils your more successful friend in primary school/ early high school had. Yep, that’s the Faber-Castell Classic Colour (24) red box set, but don’t laugh at me yet…

These are great for what I want.. They have brilliant colour and erase-ability so I’m choosing to use these to sketch with lately instead of graphite (which can be very messy with small drawings like mine). Although these are not artist-grade (I’m thinking I will find a replacement eventually).

I have been thinking that maybe drawing with colour pencil could be an excellent under-painting method. Ofcourse this isn’t an original idea. People have been sketching in monochrome colour for quite sometime. You may have heard of animators who draw this way (especially in red and blue), artists who do this for scanning purposes and lineart purposes (have you heard of non-photo blue?), but actually drawing in a colour especially a red or earth tone like sanguine has been apart of art since the Renaissance (e.g. Leonardo DaVinci). So it’s an exciting prospect to explore and I’m really loving it so far.

Fun Fact: The Faber-Castell Classic Colour you see in these pictures are probably around 15 years old. I’ve owned my set since I was in primary school however I never really used them until recent years.. this is because I use to think as a child that they were the Polychromos of back then lol. Okay NOW, you can laugh at me.

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