Sketch Week: 1

Since the 29th of October when I did my first colour pencil sketch I vowed to try and draw more often. Even just small sketches to try and get faster and better at drawing anatomy in children.

I was successful for Week 1!

Boy & the Umbrella (Faber Castell Classic Colour Pencil 321 – Geranium Red) 8/11/18
Infant/Baby anatomy sketches 9/11/18
My Son Seamus, leaning on a slate wall onto a pond (photo reference), 10/11/18
Seamus looking at the drawing of himself ❤

Continue to Week 2

I have really loved doing these and will continue doing this as much as possible. I know it’s not painting but the better and more confident I feel with “drawing foundations” the better and more eager I will be to paint without the intimidation of the first and foremost part of drawing!

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