Sketch Week 2

In “Week 2” of sketching I actually had a gap between my last drawing and the next. I finished Week 1 on 10th and then didn’t return until the 20th. I think as long as we always get back on the band-wagon than really you are doing well!

Here’s the sketches from the week!

My youngest son, Fionn on a local see-saw (phone photo reference)

I decided that it’s time to add some portraiture work into my sketch week. Faces are so important to my work as I do plan to someday soon begin painting children’s portraits in acrylics! (That’s my new acrylics by the way, you know the ones I haven’t even used yet -.-… plus I had the recent discovery of soft pastels and yes now I also want these for portrait work *hits head against wall* I picked the wrong hobby… ART IS EXPENSIVE lol)

This is my friend’s baby, Elias. He’s pretty adorable :3

Elias, Erin’s Boy (Portrait)

You can see I am beginning to focus on clothing folds and shadow and light with these last two drawings

The Boy With The Building Cups
Tilly & Teddy

My main method for drawing all these figures is actually measuring in headlengths and alligning elbows or chins etc with correlating body parallels. Nothing special.

Onto Week 3 😀
Let’s hope for some gouache or even acrylic painting sketches/studies too!

See you here again, soon.

~ Rae

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