First Pastel (Pastel Pencils)

So my partner knew about my inconsolable desire to try out pastels. I know I’ve only just begun in Acrylics! but this is the life of the artist, eh?

Always wanting new art supplies and wanting to try new mediums regardless of money, time or even the consequence of new art forms on your stress levels lol. I kind of promised myself I would stick with Acrylic and Gouache, but lets go right ahead and add Pastel to the repertoire XD (hey at least it’s a dry medium and not like I wanted Oils 😂 That’s a plus in my opinion!)

Derwent Pastel Pencils

My gorgeous partner bought me a set of 24 Pastel Pencils by Derwent. He wanted to get me soft pastels but those were just a bit harder to source on Christmas Eve LOL. I wanted a set that was portrait compatible and there just wasn’t any at the store we went to. But we found this set of pastel pencils on sale and snapped it right up.

I have created a colour swatch of the 24 Set on Tiziano paper.

I would love to review these but I really have no other comparable pencils to oppose with for you. I will say this though. They are brilliantly light weight and easy to hold. They have a quality feel and structure. They are considered a softer pastel pencil than some but this also means they are harder to sharpen. I took the advice and have sharpened mine after my first drawing down below with a cheap Bunnings stanley knife, which while felt VERY wrong to be cutting into pencils like that I actually kind of enjoyed the process of doing it.

Anyhow, the colours are vibrant and inter-mixable but also quite easy erase in the first layers which is a plus for me. They are water soluble (I tried water on a small corner of my swatch and it basically turned into watercolour pencils! Pretty versatile!)

I also did my first portrait with them. Here, on Fabriano Tiziano 160gsm Pastel paper. The pad in the photo comes with an amazing 30 sheets and different tints which I’m excited to experiement with (for this drawing I only used the white sheet to challenge myself and see the colours as for what they are – also because I see the white pages as being my least favourite)
I think if I wasn’t so scared of “over doing it” or unnecessarily using too much of the pencil pigment I might of been able to get a more filled out look. This is quite “sketch” looking even though still very lovely on the eye. It was actually a pretty intimidating start (the whole time I’m thinking this is not going to turn out) but actually with about 15 pencils out of the 24 set I was able to make this look pretty reasonable! I did smudge my wrist so many times and my blending technique is likely pretty NOVICE! but I think with some more practice (and maybe some soft pastels *winkwink* I will be able to make PASTEL part of my ART GAME!

I am still SUPER excited to get my hands on some soft pastels – if you couldn’t gather!
I’m mainly looking at Art Spectrum Soft Pastel or Semi-Hard NuPastel by Prismacolor  (also have considered Sennelier – but I’m a bit afraid of the softness) as well as contemplated Rembrandts.

I don’t know whether to jump in a just buy singles because I am pretty decided on the kind of palette I’m going to need or look for as close as possible a SET that has most of the colours I believe would suffice.

If anyone has any tips let me know in the comments ❤ I am actually joined to the Pastel Society Group on Facebook (Australia) whom are wonderful talented people who have been giving me some wonderful advice 🙂

Big Love,

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