I have returned from the depths…

It appears I have been missing for around two months! I actually have been creating in that time.. sketches and paintings here and there.

But what’s else has been going on lately for you?

Well for me I brought home my first baby girl (she’s bloody gorgeous by the way! ) And she has now become my third muse! (or maybe it’s fourth when I include my adoring partner ;)) She’s 7 weeks old tomorrow (born 1st February <3).. Time is flying.. It feels like so long ago, and yet only yesterday I held her for the first moment :’)

Anywayyy, tish tosh, wipe those happy-tears away… What can we catch up on readers? Maybe the new art supplies!

Recently I discovered…

Hydrocryl Acrylics


(or rather they discovered me on Instagram!?).

They happily provided me with two random pots of paints from their vast selection (that’s a whole 2x65ml jars!). It took about a week for the paint to arrive (no charge to me by the way!). 

The colours I received were Fuchsia and Ultramarine.

The viscosity and other characteristics of the paint isn’t almost anything like my Jo Sonja Acrylics. It’s thicker, buttery, highly
contrasted with a satin/gloss finish. Oh and if you love paint smells- give these a whiff lol!Going by the website every jar of paint is created from a pure single pigments which is why there are less colours in the range, but this also means mixing with Hydrocryl should result in less muddy but vibrant mixes! Noiice!

On the downside I cannot find anywhere on the site about the pigment numbers (I asked Hydrocryl recently and it seems they’re working on an ingredients list!)

But here’s a Colour Chart by Hydrocryl to acquaint you with and also my first painting using these paints below 🙂

Lavender Dreams

I’m pretty intrigued by this brand, I love the vibrancy…

It is an Australian brand too; making it just a little more attractive to me as I feel I’m supporting art innovation in Australia. The biggest let down however is that Hydrocryl can only be purchased online. You cannot physically go to any store to pick them up. They do offer a $10 off on your first purchase though!

Speaking about new acrylics.. I’ve been struggling with certain mixes from my limited palette. One such colour being a vibrant teal/aqua or cyan-like colour. I’m also feeling like every green I make is a little too similar across my paintings (that’s what you get for being limited!) and my yellow is probably a bit too transparent at times.

So I bought two new colours from the Atelier Interactive range!


This is so exciting because Atelier was my first choice back when I was looking at acrylics. So, stay tuned for some first impressions, mixes and experiments with these! They look scrumptious lol


Yellow Ochre: opaque, thick, makes beautiful mixes with blues, reds

img20190321072517-206455003.jpgSadly, my phone really struggled to get an accurate representation of the Pthalo Turqouise (amazing deepness but also transparent- illuminous! Like a phthalo-viridian!)

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