My Art Supplies


Jo Sonja Artist Matte Fluid Acrylics by Chroma Inc (Made by Australian company in collaboration with American Folk Painter Jo Sonja Jansen)


Pebeo Studio Gouache set of 12x 12ml
My first gouache set, I do enjoy these actually and you can never feel scared about using them because they really didn’t cost me much more than $16 for the whole set!


Art Spectrum
22.5ml tubes (Artist Gouache), Australian brand
I’ve also shoved my random Raw Umber by Winsor and Newton in there (haven’t used this in any work yet, but it mixes great skin tones!)
Art Spectrum Gouache is usually between $9-$12 each! But these are 22.5ml tubes verses say Winsor with 14ml. You can also purchase a primary set made by A.S.


I have a lot of cheap synthetic brushes… but I would suggest watercolourist/gouachist to invest in some sables (even just one!) It will make a difference. But with Acrylics a lot of those cheap brushes will do just fine. I think the deterioration of brushes is faster in Acrylic painting however.

I am using some Sables by NEEF, Renoir synethetics (Bunnings sell these so cheap!), Raphael Kaerell Liner brush, J. Burrows brush (Officeworks), and some other randoms.


Art store paper:


  • Fabriano Studio Watercolour Cold Press Paper A4 in 300gsm 25% cotton
    I actually use this with acrylics also and it works wonders! 🙂
  • Unknown professional brand, 300gsm CP W/C paper
    given to me by a good friend from Denmark, currently using in my A5 gouache work! ♥
  • Fabriano Tiziano Pastel Paper (30 colours) 160 gsm in soft colours (For pastels, but will likely work with acrylic or gouache also)

Tried and tested: Australian cheapie store watercolour paper-

Watercolour pads

PS Don’t buy any of these… you could use them for testing colours as you work however (instead of wasting your good stuff ;))

  1. Semco Natural tone A4 Pad 230gsm (from Spotlight)
  2. RenoArt Watercolour Paper A4 280gsm
  3. Mont Marte Watercolour white pad A4 30 sheet 180gsm. I’ve heard the 300gsm is a bit better though?