From Life: Drawing/Painting while out

I have often wondered what it is like to be someone who could travel with a palette and paint while out on the field i.e "en plein air". So I took a make-shift bag of supplies out with me on the family's recent camping trip to see how I do. I wasn't sure what I … Continue reading From Life: Drawing/Painting while out


It’s been sometime.

I just realized its been sometime since I last posted here. But believe me this isn't the only social media that is suffering. My facebook page and my instagram has too, been quiet. Sorry for my absence! My family has been quite sick, including myself. For all different reasons. I feel the end is near … Continue reading It’s been sometime.

Beginnings in Gouache

"GOOOU-WAASH" I had some amazing support and inspiration from a dear art friend (please go see her beautiful work @sofierimmer_art) from Denmark to try my hand at Gouache. And let me say, I really love it. I was feeling pretty beaten by watercolours (perhaps uninspired) but after a few dapplings in gouache, I can finally … Continue reading Beginnings in Gouache

Paper is important

So I'm on a quest to find myself a good Artist quality paper. I'm no money tree so it won't be a crazy $100 paper made by the water god Poseidon but it's going to be good regardless! Cheap Watercolour Paper There's so many out there! And it's easy to fall for the cheap pads … Continue reading Paper is important