Cutting Brushes (Long to Short Handle)

That’s right I’ve already lost my artistic value! I cut my long handle brushes into short handle!! Go on smite me!

I know, I know.. Why didn’t you just buy them in short handle to begin with?
Well because they didn’t come in short handle. They were super cheap and I thought why not give it a go!

These are my Renoir tip dyed taklon brushes in size 1 and 14… I sourced these from a hardware store called Bunnings (in Australia) however they were also available in Oxlades, a city art store here in Brisbane.

They are lovely brushes but I really wanted these long handle brushes to be short… so I cut them with a saw, sanded the ends back, dipped them in stain (to help seal) and wala!

Loving it so far! No regrets XD

2 thoughts on “Cutting Brushes (Long to Short Handle)

    1. There was an element of brute unlawfulness as I cut those brushes but then a following feeling of genius! Hehe. I still use them. Nothing wrong with them πŸ™‚
      I had to share because if anyone has ever felt the same (if for some reason they have long handles and wanted short) this would really work for you.. I’m not sure how keen I’d be to do it to an expensive brush, that said.. If you are precise on your cut and you seal the backside with some varnish it shouldn’t ever really cause issues πŸ™‚


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